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We are Biohackers! Biohacking is the art of combining the newest findings in technology and nature to pursue self-development and to develop a deeper understanding of oneself. Biohackers around the world treat their bodies as laboratories, probe, analyze, and experiment to continually find ways to optimize their physical and mental well-being. With Flowgrade, we have developed a premium brand for biohacking. We offer an online store for foods, supplements, and tools that help you to enhance your physical and mental performance. Our mission is to deliver the clean, ethically sourced and highly effective products to help you flowgrade your body and life.


When you’re in Flow, you’re so focused that everything around you falls away. Action and awareness merge. Time dilutes. Ego vanishes. Performance skyrockets. Flow is not some esoteric concept but a measurable state of mind. There are scientific principles working in complex ways that result in this ultimate state of being Human.

While almost everyone has experienced Flow at some point, most of us have a really hard time achieving Flow on a regular basis. Fortunately there are methods we can employ to maximize our likelihood to achieve Flow, to live and work in it, to experience the world with the most focused and powerful state our minds can reach.