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How To Remember Everything with Grandmaster of Memory Mattias Ribbing – Flowgrade Show Episode 30

Ever dreamed about remembering everything you read? Then this highly dynamic episode with the Swedish mastermind and grandmaster of memory Mattias Ribbing will be a gem for you.

“Train your brain to think in images.” – Grandmaster of Memory Mattias Ribbing

“Max, take the newspaper and tell me a page number.” Mattias looks at me with a broad grin, like a magician before his best trick. I told him a number and he began reciting the content on the entire page, the headlines, the details in the text, even the names of the photographers mentioned below the photos in fine print.

Mattias noticed that I was very much blown away and enticed me: “This is no witchcraft, Max. Everyone can learn this and now I’ll teach you how…”

Mattias Ribbing is a bestselling Swedish book author, beloved speaker at a multitude of events, a great musician and an acclaimed Grandmaster of Memory. More than that, he is considered one of the best memories and brightest minds in the world.

Mattias and I spoke already several times at the same event including the Bulletproof Biohacking Conference in Los Angeles and the Biohacker Summit in London but we really got to know each other when we randomly sat next to each other on a flight from London to Austin, Texas, to attend the Paleo f(x) Conference (you know you’re having a connection when the passenger row in front of you starts complaining to the flight attendants).

In this very inspiring episode, Mattias and I discuss the advantages of the ketogenic diet before competitions, why he is excited about living in the countryside, what the term Biohacking means to him and how our memory really works. He also shares a powerful visualization technique that everybody can use in order to boost memory while reading anything.

The video of this episode is a bit bumpy but the audio is fantastic. That’s why I would recommend listening. If you are struggling remembering things in your everyday life, then this episode will be a true gem for you.



  • 1:41 – How Mattias and I randomly sat next to each other on a long-haul flight
  • 3:10 – Mattias explains his trick to remember two newspapers at the same time
  • 6:50 – Why reading somethings twice over doesn’t work
  • 9:35 – What the term Biohacking means to Mattias
  • 16:40 – How Mattias uses the ketogenic diet to prepare for memory competitions
  • 21:11 – An explanation for the optimal way of thinking
  • 24:59 – A memorization technique to remember every page in a book
  • 30:34 – How experiences can help with learning
  • 34:03 – Learning math using visualization methods
  • 41:05 – How disturbances in your environment can help you train getting into the flow state
  • 46:03 – On “Ribbing’s Bike”, an easy-to-use method to remember 10 things within 10 minutes
  • 53:40 – What everybody should do


  • “Memory is not that important, it’s just a consequence of your brain really understanding something.”
  • “My memory results on Red Bull were worse than when I was tired and in a low-sugar state.”
  • “To think optimally means to think in images.”
  • “If you think like this, you brain will automatically create a folder system.”
  • “If we don’t learn something new, we can’t build new bridges to existing knowledge.”
  • “If you are stressed, you won’t perform.”


Grandmaster of Memory Webseite

Mattias Ribbing on Twitter

If you want more, watch this wonderful TEDx talk by Mattias at the Lund University in Sweden.

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