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How To Supplement For Optimal Performance With Ryan Munsey – Flowgrade Show Episode 39

In this episode of the Flowgrade I am talking to Ryan Munsey, chief optimizer of the supplement company Natural Stacks about choosing the right supplements, which ones might make sense and which ones you should avoid.

“Supplements are like the turbo of a car, not the engine.” – Ryan Munsey

“If this chocolate contains less than 80% cocoa, I’ll eat my hat.” Ryan took a piece of the chocolate offered by our host Vessi at the Biohacker Summit Offsite Event on a horse farm in rural Finland.

“I am sure he knows we are all health-conscious biohackers.” After Ryan started eating, we overheard Vessi talking about the chocolate, which he called delicious and organic despite being fairly high in sugar. I looked at Ryan with a big frown on his face. “Well, I am sure your hat will be sugar-free at least.”

Supplements Ryan Munsey is the Chief Optimizer for the American supplement company Natural Stacks and the host of the very popular Optimal Performance Podcast. Before owning the company, the well-trained nutrition and supplement expert used to be a fitness model and gym owner before he started developing his own brand as a speaker, author and self-experimenting biohacker.

As one of Natural Stacks leading guys, Ryan helps develop supplements of the highest quality as well as run their successful podcast. Unfortunately, some of the Natural Stacks products are prohibited in Germany due to European novel food regulations.

I got to know Ryan at the Paleo(fx) conference last year in Austin and ever since we kept in touch. We both spoke at the Biohacker Summit in Helsinki last year and then really bonded at the incredible offsite event in the Finnish countryside as described in the anecdote above.

In this episode, Ryan and I talk about how to choose your supplements, which ones might make sense and which ones you should avoid. With an ever increasing amount of stuff you can take, Ryan explains his approach in choosing his stack.

Natural Stacks fans will love the part where Ryan explains the working mechanisms of the company’s flagship product CILTEP as well as other products’ like Magnesium L-Threonate and Curcumin.



  • 2:00 Ryan´s story and his beginnings with Natural Stacks
  • 5:00 The supplements Ryan takes and his take on them
  • 12:30 On exogenous ketones
  • 14:40 What is CILTEP and how does it work?
  • 25:00 Which supplements you should stay away from
  • 31:00 Where the hype about taking supplements comes from
  • 40:00 On different kinds of magnesium and symptoms of a magnesium deficiency
  • 51:00 The best supplements for optimal performance
  • 57:30 Effective methods for sustainable muscle building
  • 1:04:00 Ryan’s most recent passion
  • 1:07:00 What Ryan’s 80 year old future self would advice him today


  • 5:10  I´ve always been fascinated with trying to figure out how the body works and I think that´s part of biohacking, understanding any system and then trying to manipulate it to get the outcome that you want
  • 6:20 I´ve experimented with a lot of different supplements
  • 7:50 The quality of supplements we wanted to put in our body did not exist
  • 9:50 I eat one meal a day between 2 and 4 pm when I´m at home
  • 19:40 Something that increases our focus is a huge benefit for flow
  • 23:40 Nootropics are goal dependent for your day
  • 34:00 Why not just realize that this pain is your body saying this isn´t working for me and you shouldn´t be eating this
  • 36:46 The way you and I want to eat is the traditional human diet
  • 41:00 You can be normal or you can be optimal
  • 47:30 Sleep is one of the best Nootropics
  • 58:30 Form follows function
  • 1:03:00 You can´t cheat your way to success


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Intermittent Fasting

Keto OS

Keto Guide

Exogenous Ketones

Magnesium NS

Tools of Titans

Curcumin NS

Whey Protein

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