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How to use alcohol to upgrade your life with Todd White- Flowgrade Show Episode 28

Can a wine expert be on a ketogenic diet? Yes, and even with tremendous results! My guest today is the biohacking mastermind behind the first ever company for ketogenic wines, the amazing Todd White. Enjoy!

“When dosed correctly, alcohol leads to elevated creative expression.” – Todd White

When I first met Todd White, the “Wine Guy” in the Biohacking world, in Austin at the Paleo f(x) conference this year,  I was amazed by his detailed knowledge about the ketogenic diet. He then invited me over for dinner with about 45 people from the conference for a wonderful dinner where we downed 72 bottles of lab-tested, low-carb, and toxin-free wine (there were no reported hangovers after). Ever since then, I really wanted to have the charismatic biohacker, entrepreneur, writer and speaker on the Flowgrade Show.

Todd White is the founder of Dry Farm Wines, a revolutionary wine company that specialized on sugar-free, additive-free, and lab-tested natural wines. Much more than that, Todd also is a truly original biohacker who practices daily meditation, Wim Hof breathing, cold thermogenesis, a ketogenic diet, intermittent fasting and he is a fitness enthusiast. He is also a frequent speaker on the ketogenic lifestyle and just performed at the 2016 Bulletproof Biohacking Conference in Pasadena.


In this episode, Todd and I discuss how micro-dosing alcohol can benefit your health, what kinds of alcohol are better than others, and why wine needs to be selected very carefully due to undeclared additives. In the second half, Todd diggs into his ketogenic lifestyle, describes the tremendous advantages of intermittent fasting and why it is so important to become fat-adaptive. This episode is fully packed with tons of valuable information and we are super excited to present it to you! Enjoy the show!



  • 01:30 – What Todd is really excited about right now
  • 06:55 – Todd’s definition of Biohacking
  • 08:30 – About the growing impact of the mindfulness movement
  • 12:00 – 72 bottles of wine or the story how Todd and I hit it off
  • 13:30 – About the problematic ingredients in beer
  • 15:25 – The positive and negative effects of different kinds of alcohol
  • 19:45 – Why you should have glorious exceptions like bro weekends or weddings
  • 23:30 – On the elements of excellent wine and the problems with wine additives
  • 29:15 – About the tremendous benefits of intermittent fasting and being ketogenic
  • 33:30 – Why people struggle with the ketogenic diet
  • 35:10 – How to become fat-adaptive and getting the “carb flu” or “keto fever”
  • 40:30 – Todd’s optimal level of blood ketone levels and using exogenous ketones
  • 46:30 – What kind of alcohol will kick you out of ketosis
  • 50:30 – How to get over a hangover
  • 53:30 – Todd’s inspirational parting message to all listeners (really worth a listen!)


  • “Meditation is the number one biohack of all time.”
  • “When we replace expectation with appreciation, this is when joyfulness comes in.”
  • “I’m interested in how to optimize the living experience.”
  • “Profound actions create transformations.”
  • “Be the example of the change you want to see.”
  • “Beer is off the table for me because of the malt sugar and the gluten in it.”
  • “If it brings you enjoyment, you should do it.”
  • “The moment I start drinking, I stop fat burning.”
  • “Moderate amounts of alcohol are healthy.”
  • “My primary problem with beer is sugar, not the gluten.”
  • “It’s not lifestyle, it’s hormones that make us fat.”
  • “When you’re fat-adapted, you’re never hungry.”
  • “Being ketotic is not the same as being fat-adapted.”
  • “For me, optimal ketone production is between 2.4 and 3.5.”
  • “Skip all the white devils: Sugar, flour, rice, corn, potatoes, and common dairy products.”
  • “Once you’re metabolically adjusted, you recover really quickly from cheat days.”


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Mattias Ribbing
Bulletproof Conference
Dr. Joseph Mercola
Dominic D’Agostino
Ben Greenfield
Dexcom – constant monitoring of blood glucose


Dry Farm Wines
Feel free to email: todd@dryfarmwines.com
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